John Nintendo had a dream.

After suffering through severe case of Pac-man fever (pronounced Pakku Man), coming out of self quarantine John Nintendo of the Nintendo Board Game family had a vision for the future. Electronic Gaming Consoles. Old man Nintendo was not convinced, he was so angry that he threw his favorite Shogi tile at the young Nintendo.

Refusing to give up on his dream Nintendo sold his most cherished possession, a 1981 Motocompo, to get enough money for steerage passage on a freighter heading for the United States. Accompanied by his most trusted companion Family Computer Robot (R.O.B. to his friends), together they traveled to Atari headquarters.

1981 Honda Motocompo sold by John Nintendo for the princely sum of 800 yen

The meeting did not go well. During negotiation the duo was forced to play Donky Kong with analog Atari 5200 controllers for seven hours strait, the pair of friends soon gave up trying to form a partnership with Atari. Nintendo believed games should be fun, not whatever the hell the was wrong with the frustrating 5200 controller. Penniless with no means of returning home to Japan R.O.B stole a canoe from a random passing sasquach, together the two dejected friends paddled their way home.

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